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Meet Dave Dodson

Putting Wyoming First

Dave Dodson

Meet Me

I’m Dave Dodson, a common-sense Reagan Republican, who grew up in the Rocky Mountain West hunting, riding horses, and camping in the Snowy Range. After a career in business working for myself in industries like trucking and auto parts, I came back to the state I love, and found it hurting economically, and neglected by a senator who is more interested in his donors and personal career than fighting for this state.

I’m a Republican, but running as an “independent” in the general election, so that all of Wyoming’s voters can choose who will be our next Senator, not just the party bosses. Because we all know it’s time to put families ahead of donors and careers, it’s time to put #WyomingFirst.

Meet My Family

My wife Wendy is the person that makes me laugh at life and at myself. She’s also the person who first encouraged me to consider seeking to serve as Wyoming’s senator.

I’m the very proud father of three grown daughters—Rachel, Hannah, and Caroline. As many of you know, having kids makes you think a lot about the future—of our nation, of our state, of our community.

Dave and Wendy

Why I'm Running in the General Election

I am a Republican, but running in the general election as "Independent" because the primary system has become just a way to protect incumbents.

The Republican Party is supposed to be a place where we develop the fresh ideas and find great people to represent our neighborhoods—not to protect incumbents from their voters and raise money from donors. That’s why I’m not playing the primary game. Next year, Wyoming will have a Republican Senator, but it will be one chosen by ALL of Wyoming, not just a handful of political insiders.

I'm Fighting For You

I Want to go to Washington for Four Reasons:

1) Diversify our economy, to preserve Wyoming

Nationwide, our economy has fallen to last place. Wyoming is the most remarkable state, and yet we are watching our kids leave in order to make a good living. We need to build on our agriculture and natural resource base to keep Wyoming communities together.

2) Reform our healthcare system – once and for all

Politicians like John Barrasso complained about Obamacare, until it came time for him to fix it, then he had no plan. Meanwhile, Wyomingites spend more and more in premiums, for less and less coverage.

3) Support our veterans

The medical and non-medical resources provided through the VA were earned by our veterans through their service to our country. We have a responsibility to ensure these services meet the same standards as if they were for our own family and are at least as good as the medical services available to members of Congress.

4) Term limits and restrictions on fundraising while in office

I’m done electing politicians who treat “public service” like a lifetime appointment. Both the president and I feel it is time to drain the swamp and replace career senators and congressmen with people who know how to get things done.
Politicians spend 1/3 of their time fundraising. What’s worse is that wealthy corporations buy them off and in return get special treatment. That’s just wrong! As your senator I will fight to restrict fundraising while in office. I want to get money out of politics and am refusing to accept campaign donations from PACs, special interests or lobbyists.

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