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"Dave Dodson should be the Republican pick for U.S. Senate. We see a clear difference between the two candidates - one is running on convictions, while the other appears more focused on ambition. Dave Dodson has a positive vision for our state and our country."
- Casper Star-Tribune Editorial Board

"Dave shares Wyoming's deep conservative values, he wants progress and I have no doubt he will work with Donald Trump."
- Joel Peterson, Chairman of the Hoover Institute, a conservative think tank, and Chairman of Jet Blue Airways

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I'm Fighting For You

Dave's Plan to Put Wyoming First.

My plan to Put Wyoming First is about taking care of Wyomingites and protecting access to our open space. We deserve a senator who will put Wyoming families and our public land ahead of donors, personal careers, and party bosses.

But talk is cheap. That's why I've come up with a detailed plan for what I will do as your U.S. senator, why I want this job, and what I can do for you and your family. It includes:

  • Putting Wyoming Families First
  • Campaign Finance Reform - Not Just Talk
  • Term Limits
  • Protecting Access to our Public Land
  • Creating a Healthy Wyoming Economy
  • Healthcare Reform: The Families First Prescription Drug Act
  • Changing the way we Save Coal
Dave's Book

Put Wyoming First

Dave and Hat

Put Wyoming First represents a value I want for our state. It means that our politicians put Wyoming families ahead of donors, party, and personal careers. It's a return to a time when our Senators went to Washington DC not to build a personal career (or fortune) but instead to help improve the neighborhoods that they represent.

Dave's Seven Commitments to the Families of Wyoming

1) I commit to Put Wyoming First.

Everything I say or do will put Wyoming Families First. My purpose will be to improve the lives of Wyomingites and all Americans, not to advance my political career or the interests of donors. I will speak respectfully to others, listen to them with the same intensity as I speak my mind, and look for solutions without pride of authorship. I commit to be the senator known not for compromise, but instead for his ability to get things done.

2) I commit to work to reduce the influence of money in Congressional politics.

Within my first year in office, I will propose legislation and rules to forbid House and Senate candidates from accepting money from political action committees, and any federal office holder from accepting donations of any kind prior to six months before re-election. The legislation will require all types of political action committees to disclose sources of contributions no less than quarterly, and to file a final report two weeks prior to election day.

3) I commit to fight for term limits.

Under no circumstances will I run for more than two terms as your U.S. Senator. Beyond that, if offered I would refuse any re-nomination for the Senate. I will do everything possible to bring term limits (two terms for Senators, six terms for House members) to a vote in the House and Senate late summer 2020.

4) I commit to protect access to our open spaces.

I want to protect our state’s wide open spaces for our great-grandchildren. But our public lands are under attack by John Barrasso and special interests who want to cut us off from our own land. They plan to do this by shifting control of Federal lands to our state, which is an easier target for them to lobby and manipulate (to try and take our land for themselves). Under financial pressures, there can be no guarantee a future state governor or legislature won’t make concessions to special interests in return for short term economic gain. The temptation is too great, the role of money in politics too enormous. We must keep public lands in public hands.

5) I commit to work my behind off, to build a powerful new Wyoming state economy.

I will use the influence of Wyoming’s U.S. Senate seat and the nationwide business network I have, to build a broader, stronger state economy. Rather than ask out-of-state companies to fix our economy, we will build it from within while preserving our open spaces and way of life. We will expand entrepreneurship and break down barriers that limit Wyoming from turning our raw materials into finished products. I will bring federal funding and private sector support for career and technical training. Congress will pass an infrastructure bill that credits Wyoming’s contribution to the Nation, not our population.

6) I commit to take a wrecking ball to the anti-competitive tactics of the healthcare industry.

I will use my free-market Republican values to take a wrecking ball to the anti-competitive practices of the pharmaceutical and healthcare insurance industry, so that the children and parents of Wyoming have access to affordable medicine and insurance. We will put the safety and health of our families ahead of donors.

7) I commit to do whatever it takes to make the Powder River thrive again.

I will work tirelessly to change the way we approach the national conversation on coal so we can open export terminals and fund new technologies. With these we can make coal part of the energy solution for the next generation.

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