Dave Dodson: Republican for Wyoming

“Dave Dodson should be the Republican pick for U.S. Senate. We see a clear difference between the two candidates – one is running on convictions, while the other appears more focused on ambition.”

       -- Casper Star Tribune

 “[David] shares Wyoming’s deep conservative values, he wants progress and I have no doubt he will work with Donald Trump.”

       -- Joel Peterson, Chairman of the Hoover Institute, the conservative think tank, and Chairman of Jet Blue Airways

John Barrasso’s campaign comes down to calling me a Democrat—that’s it. He has presented us with no platform, and he has not had a single criticism of my platform or Dave Dodson’s Plan to Put Wyoming First. Now, if you have any questions about Barrasso’s specific and misleading claims about ties I have to Obama or Sanders, please look here, otherwise I’d like to talk about who I am and what I can do for your family.

I grew up a half-hour south of Cheyenne, my grandad was in the coal business, and Dad was in the sugar beet business. Mom was a school teacher who felt the best babysitter was a horse. Dad taught me to shoot straight, load my own shells, chew tobacco, and close the fence behind me. As a kid, I walked most of the sugar beet fields of Colorado and Wyoming, camped in the Snowies, and fished the Green, and never missed Frontier Days.

Young Dave Dodson

I became a Republican around age 12 when I started writing fan mail to Richard Nixon. My first vote was for Ronald Reagan. Later, to thank me for helping him, George H.W. Bush gave me an autographed picture wearing his college baseball uniform. I have a picture of myself with Bob Dole when he ran for President and we attended a NASCAR event together. I supported my friend Mitt Romney, who was on the board of directors of one of my companies, the year he ran against Barack Obama. I’m also the candidate that gave money to John McCain when he ran for president.

Like most Republicans, I prefer business people over politicians. I worked in the oil and gas business, and then later helped create 20,000 private sector jobs in industries like trucking and auto parts. I hold degrees in business and economics.

To me, being Republican is not about what you say, but what you do. My Republican party would never run up a $22 trillion debt and pass record-setting spending bills while borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund. My Republican party loves free-markets and wouldn’t consider legislation that allowed pharmaceutical companies to enjoy anti-competitive practices at the expense of the customer, and believe taxes should be low, fair, and transparent for everyone—not just for their donors.

I’m tired of politics where you try to make the other guy your enemy instead of telling voters what you can do for them. I’d like to see Wyoming elect a real Republican for Senate this year because it’s time to restore our Republican Party and Put Wyoming First.

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