The Truth on Dave

"Dave shares Wyoming's deep conservative values, he wants progress and I have no doubt he will work with Donald Trump." 

          - Joel Peterson, Chairman of Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank, and Chairman of Jetblue Airways

The senate campaign took a recent and ugly turn. I’m not participating.

In seven months of this campaign, I never discussed John Barrasso’s personal life, never misled you on his record, and never commented on his career as a doctor—and I don’t plan to do so.

You want solutions, not personal mudslinging.

My campaign is staffed by my wife, daughters, nephews, and old friends—and going into this we all agreed this campaign was going to be honorable, on the issues, and done the way we’d always wanted to be treated as voters.

But instead of attending any of the four proposed debates, or presenting us with a platform or solutions, John Barrasso and his professional political team leveled five misleading charges in the closing days of this campaign. Most recently, he filed a FEC complaint against me for ads that I ran months ago (addressed at the bottom of page). He hoped I wouldn't have the time or resources to respond before you go to the polls.

Here are his charges. As you go into the voting booth, I urge you to decide whether Barrasso's intent was to inform you or to mislead you—then decide what type of person you want to represent you. 


“Before running for Senate, you first had to switch parties.”

His commercial is quite misleading. I became a Republican around age 12 when I wrote my first letter to Pres. Nixon and told him I was his biggest supporter in the 6th grade (I still have the letter). My first vote was for Reagan, and my voting record is 92% Republican. I’m a lifelong Republican but as everyone knows, in this race I started out “unaffiliated” but then switched back to my party to run in the Republican party. 
“You opposed the Trump tax cuts…” My views on taxation are pure Republican. I am for low taxes and a simplified tax code. Period. In my mind, the recent tax cut did not go far enough in providing middle-class tax relief—Sen. Barrasso knows this but wants to mislead you into thinking I did not want the middle class to get tax relief. I wanted to see more go to the middle class. The Senate plan did not address incentives to move jobs overseas and left in place thousands of pages of special interest loopholes that should have been eliminated.
“Aren’t you building a multi-million dollar home in…California?” The two-bedroom house was actually completed in 2017 as part of an investment. I also have investments in other states as well. Since completion in 2017, I occupied it for only 62 days, and it is currently occupied by a tenant.
“You voted Democrat in Massachusetts…” Since age 18, my lifetime federal voting record is 92% Republican. My business career required me to move to Massachusetts, and because it’s a one-party state, along with many other Republicans, I sometimes voted in Democratic primaries—it was quite common. In his latest TV ad, he says I voted Democratic "only a few years ago.” That would be over a decade ago. And for what it’s worth, Donald Trump did the same thing, at the same time, for the same reasons, in New York. 
“You donated 2,300 hundred bucks to Obama…” That year I gave $2,300 to Republican Mitt Romney. Later, my ex-wife, a Democrat, chose to give an equal amount to her candidate, Barack Obama. My lifetime contributions are overwhelmingly Republican.
“and another 1,000 dollars to Bernie Sanders.” I am a lifelong Clinton opposer. Early in the primaries, my daughter suggested I support Bernie Sanders because he was going to give Hillary hell. Later I came to understand Sander’s policies, and I regret the donation.
“My bond with the Big Sky state runs deep!" Not my voice, not my line—never said it.  

In these last days, regardless of what my opponent does, I’ll stay on the issues that matter to you because you want a senator who knows how to get money out of politics, lower your health insurance, save our Powder River Basin, fix the southern border, address our pressing veterans’ issues, and keep our children in Wyoming.

I come to you as a Wyomingite, who grew up like just about any other boy around here. I’m a man who respected you with seven months of walking our streets, listening to you and presenting you with ideas. I’m not a slick career politician—just a guy that wants the chance to work as hard as any senator ever has for you and a neighbor that wants to Put Wyoming First.


Dave Dodson
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Barrasso Files FEC Complaint

Wyoming Tribune Eagle, August 16:

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., is accusing a Republican challenger of breaking federal campaign advertising rules.

In a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, Barrasso campaign committee manager Tom Wiblemo said Jackson businessman Dave Dodson ran six television commercials in which he delivered required disclaimers – “I’m Dave Dodson, and I approve this message” – without showing his face.

Commission rules require candidates to convey their disclaimers with a full-screen view of themselves or a voiceover with an image of themselves occupying most of the screen.

In essence, this allows Dodson to smear an opponent without having to take full ownership of the negative ad,” Wiblemo wrote. “Given that this has occurred in multiple ads, it is imperative for the commission to take immediate action.”

“Candidates must stand by their television ads,” he wrote.

Wiblemo cited six advertisements in which Dodson is said to have violated the rules.

In all of them, Dodson speaks to the camera for most of the video before his campaign logo appears and his voice delivers the disclaimer.

Dave Dodson Comment: 

I encourage you all to take a look at the commercials in question and decide for yourself if "this allows Dodson to smear an opponent without having to take full ownership of the negative ad.” 

Greybull, WY- August 15, 2018 - Dave Dodson said, “John Barrasso has filed a suit with the Federal Election Commission complaining that in a series of ads where I introduce myself with my real name, show my real face, use my real voice, in my real RV and end with ‘Dodson for Senate’ across the screen, that I confused voters that it was really me. After I got done laughing, I went back to knocking on doors in Greybull.”

The Dodson for Senate campaign has posted the complaint on our website and encourages Wyoming voters to take a look and have a laugh.

READ THE Complaint

The Commercials in Question: 

Two Very Different Plans:

Plan to Put Wyoming First: 

We Can Do It Again: 

A Diversified Economy: 

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