Campaign Finance Reform

“The sole purpose of giving is access,” U.S. Senator Alan Simpson

Like Alan Simpson, I’m concerned about the influence of money on our representatives’ decision making, which is why I have a plan to address this problem.

When I decided to run for office a few months ago, people told me it would be tough running against John Barrasso. When I asked why they said, “Because he’s raised so much money.” Not once in this campaign has anyone said it’s because he’s done so much for Wyoming families — just that he has lots of money.

That’s sad. It needs to change. It’s part of the swamp draining.

I’m proposing three changes in the Federal Election Rules:
  1. A U.S. Senator may not solicit or accept any campaign contributions until six months prior to re-election.
  2. Candidates for U.S. Senate may only accept contributions from individuals, and are not allowed to accept money from any type of corporation, entity, or Political Action Committee.
  3. A Political Action Committee must publicly disclose all sources of contributions, no less than quarterly or two weeks prior to election day. 
With these changes, consistent with First Amendment principles, great things happen for us as citizens!
  1. Our senators work full-time for us, not spend 27% of their time fundraising.
  2. Lobbyists, PACs, and special interests lose their death grip on our representatives.
  3. Full transparency and public disclosure of all money that is donated to PACs.
  4. Senators are free to vote the interests of the families they serve.
  5. Politicians get re-elected by doing a good job, not because they’ve raised a lot of money.

I will propose these changes on the Senate floor and am hopeful that Senator Enzi will stand with me in co-sponsoring this bill, showing the country that Wyoming leads the way in draining the swamp.

Politicians often say they want reform, but don’t propose anything specific, and are afraid to walk the talk. I’ve made my commitment to you, as directly as possible. That’s what it is to Put Wyoming First—ahead of donors, party, and personal career.

Stand with me to stop the Washington money machine. Sign the petition.

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I promise to work to reduce the influence of money in Congressional politics.

Within my first year in office, I will propose legislation and rules to forbid House and Senate candidates from accepting money from political action committees, and any federal office holder from accepting donations of any kind prior to six months before re-election. The legislation will require all types of political action committees to disclose sources of contributions no less than quarterly, and to file a final report two weeks prior to election day.


I am a strong supporter of the Wyoming Promise and their efforts to get dark money out of politics. 

Meanwhile, I plan to walk the talk. Here is my pledge to the families of Wyoming:


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