Campaign Trail

Life on the Road

Wendy and I have been living in a fifth wheel, going town to town to meet as many Wyomingites as possible. Along the way we hear incredibly inspiring stories, but also incredibly troubling stories. Each day I feel more and more motivated to get out of bed and fight for the people of Wyoming. I’m learning how, if granted the chance, I can be a better senator.

I’m also learning about the challenges that come with living in a fifth wheel and moving around each week… like how to get your mail and remembering to refill the propane so your wife doesn’t freeze at night.

Backstage on the Campaign Trail


Since I won’t take money from PACs or special interests, my wife, Wendy is working to keep the campaign funded.


My nephew Joey: a well-oiled, cookie-bagging machine.

Gun Show 1

Over and over again I hear these kinds of stories from Wyomingites. I want you to know that I’m listening and I’m fighting to make a difference.

Propane Tank

Wendy wasn’t so happy with me this morning. One thing is for sure, I will never EVER forget to fill-up the propane tank again.

Fifth Wheel Hit the Road

This is the process to move the fifth wheel from town to town. Thank God Wendy knows how to handle the truck.


You forget about the most basic things on the road… like how to get your mail. Good thing for family!

Rained Out

Rained out twice in one day. All part of the springtime fun.

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