A Senator Who Will Fight for Wyoming Coal!

I’m Dave Dodson and I’m running for the U.S. Senate.

Our state’s coal reserves are unlike any others in the world. Ours burns cleaner and with less harmful emissions than coal from anywhere else. And we all know how important the coal industry is to our economy here in northeast Wyoming.

Asia needs Powder River Basin coal to generate electricity for their growing economy. Right now, their power plants are using dirtier, more polluting coal from places like Indonesia to meet their huge and growing new demand. But we can’t get our coal to them.

Why? Because environmental bureaucrats in Oregon and Washington don’t want us to. They’re trying to shut down all fossil fuel industries – coal, oil, gas – by blocking the kinds of facilities energy companies want to build on the west coast to get those fuels to Asia.

Where are our Wyoming leaders on this issue? For ten years, Senator John Barrasso has done nothing but talk a good game on the subject. And where has that talk gotten us? Well, there have been six proposed sites in the northwest to build a coal terminal to ship Powder River Basin coal to Asia. Five of the sites have been crushed by Pacific Northwest bureaucrats. And the sixth is teetering right on the edge of the same fate.

What needs to happen? Rolling up sleeves, meeting, persuading, explaining, negotiating, and changing hearts and minds. Look – anyone who’s serious about helping the environment has to recognize the fact that those power plants are going to be built in Asia no matter what. And they’re going to burn coal no matter what.

They can burn Wyoming’s clean coal if we’re allowed to get it to them. Or they can burn dirty Indonesian coal for the next 50 years if we’re not. Wyoming coal can be part of the answer to cleaning up the environment – but only if the environmentalists listen and let it.

John Barrasso has been talking and talking on cable TV news for ten years and not winning a single victory on this coal export blockade front. I’ll get on a plane and park my rear end in front of every bureaucrat and every legislator and every governor of every state that stands between us and a cleaner environment and a thriving Wyoming economy until we can make logic prevail and start Wyoming coal moving to our friends in Asia.

I’m Dave Dodson, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate to Put Wyoming - and Wyoming's Coal - First.

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