Letter: Fresh-thinking leader needed in U.S. Senate

Cody Enterprise (July 23)

To the editor:

I will make a critical selection on my primary ballot: The choice between a very well-financed (PAC money), smooth talking incumbent politician or a proven business leader who will bring fresh thinking to the U.S. Senate.

I will vote for Dave Dodson.

This year, I have lost trust and confidence in Senator Barrasso’s ability to lead. As chairman of the Senate Policy Committee he is one of the senior senate leaders (on TV standing with Senator McConnell.)

Senator Barrasso tells us that he frequently talks with the President. Sadly, his Senate has delivered very little for the President to sign:

  • Repeal of Obamacare. Fail
  • Replacement for Obamacare. Not there
  • Immigration reform. Nothing
  • Solution for DACA young people. Talk, no action
  • Pharmaceuticals pricing and availability reforms. Stalled
  • FY18 funding. Six months late

The website Govtrack.us provides Senator Barrasso’s legislative record. I found he has authored 144 bills since arriving in DC. Of those, to date only one has become law without bundling – it was about a courthouse in Jackson.

One win of 144 attempts.

It is time for a change. Drain the swamp.

Dave Dodson is exactly the right person to send to Congress. He is a proven, highly successful, self-made businessman (job creator). A renowned leader, he has had the opportunity (by invitation) to share his honed knowledge and broad expertise with America’s entrepreneurial frontrunners as a part-time graduate school visiting lecturer.

Mr. Dodson has prepared an exceptionally thoughtful and sincere written plan expressing his commitments to the people of Wyoming. I strongly recommend every voter read and carefully absorb the words in this document. It is available at DodsonForSenate.com.

Then – on 08/21 please join me in voting for Dave Dodson – U.S. Senate.

Ken Lantta