An Open Letter to
Senator John Barrasso

Now is the time to Put Wyoming First.

The President is proposing an infrastructure plan. It is time for Wyoming to insist that we be treated appropriately, and I urge you to do so on behalf of our state.

In the past, Wyoming has been taken for granted because of a two-party system where the Democratic Party ignores Wyoming, and the Republican Party takes our loyalty for granted. The current infrastructure bill, which you support, favors urban communities, at the expense of the energy and farm belt regions of our county.

We are the leading state for clean energy generation. Wyoming is fourth nationally in natural gas production, is home to 40% of the nation's clean coal, is the country's largest producer of uranium, and is positioned to become the national leader in solar and wind.

We keep the lights on in America, and it is time our state receives credit for that contribution.

Joined together as Wyomingites, let us put Wyoming First. Specifically, I call on you to commit to using your Senate vote to resist any infrastructure bill unless it contains the following elements:

1. That the rural block grant be increased from $50 billion to $150 billion, in recognition that the rural communities put food on the table, and keep warm in the winter, the urban centers of our country.

2. The funding for rural areas not be contingent upon our state matching the Federal funding 4:1. Our state cannot afford the "strings attached" bill which requires our already strained state budget to cover most of the cost of the infrastructure bill.

3. Programs related to agriculture and energy be prioritized over the current proposal to favor "projects of national significance" to "lift the American spirit".

4. The rural block grants not be measured by population- which would leave Wyoming with the smallest share of the infrastructure bill, and give no consideration to our enormous contribution to the energy resources of the country.

5. The proposal cannot "rob Peter to pay Paul" and that no existing infrastructure spending that is planned for Wyoming be reduced in order to fund this program.

Wyoming has done its part for the nation, by providing the most efficient and environmentally clean energy sources in the nation, keeping the rest of the nation warm at night, while they have left us in the cold. In order to diversify our economy and Put Wyoming First, we need quality connectivity to the rest of the nation by air and rail, as well as a best-in-class high-speed internet service, all of which we deserve in this bill.

Senator Barrasso now is the time to fight for Wyoming!


Dave Dodson
Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate

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