Putting Wyoming Families First


“We drink from wells we did not dig. We are warmed by fires we did not kindle.”

                 Deuteronomy 6:11


We need a new way of doing business. My party gained control over the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and by my measurement we have very little legislative success to show for our first two years. It’s time to step back and acknowledge that our senate has failed us and the President.

  • We passed the second highest spending plan in U.S. history
  • We have no infrastructure plan
  • We have no healthcare plan
  • We have no immigration plan
  • Our deficit is climbing with no end in sight
  • We have no plan to save social security in 2034

While we passed a tax plan in December, it was sloppy and did not give enough relief to the hardworking middle class and gave too much to those who needed no “relief.” It also failed to do anything to simplify a tax code that is up to 74,000 pages, nearly all of which were written by lobbyists for the benefit of donors.

Our only accomplishments are not the result of a hard-working senate, but instead through executive orders and the individual actions of President Trump.

We mustn’t confuse what Donald Trump has done, with what our Senate has failed to do.

We need a new way of doing business. That will require changing out horses, because John Barrasso and Mitch McConnell like things just the way they are, and they have squandered our party’s best opportunity in a generation to show that the Republican Party knows how to govern.

Our choice this election comes down to business as usual, or time to put voters first. If we as voters don’t insist on competence and results – then we and our children get what we deserve.

I want to do business differently – and it can be summed up in three simple words:

Put Wyoming First

That phrase says families come before donors, personal careers, and party squabbling. That being a Public Servant means exactly that—a senator’s duty is to the families he represents, with equal representation to the most powerful man as the humblest among us.

If we are to put families first, then we must also rethink how we work with the other party. The Senate gets nothing done without 60 votes, and because of the inaction of our Congress, we may very well lose our majority in the House of Representatives. That means we need senators who are willing and able to put ego and party loyalty aside to listen and work with the other side. Otherwise, we will end the Trump presidency without legislation addressing immigration, infrastructure, or healthcare. We will also leave our children and grandchildren with a bone-crushing level of debt, and ourselves with no retirement.

The stakes are very high, because if we fail to take back our country soon, the best solutions will be gone: leaving our grandchildren with only very difficult choices.

Unless you think the current way of doing business is okay, you need to change horses and give a new guy a shot. And if I fail, then you need to replace me as well. Because until we as voters are willing to retake the voting booth and put ourselves ahead of our politicians, then we fail our children, as well as our democracy. We need to remind ourselves that there is no first-class section in the voting booth. On that special day which comes only once every two years, we are, all of us, equal in power.

I didn’t put my name on all those hats for a reason. Put Wyoming First was never about me. It’s about us and our great grandchildren. It means we are going to start a movement toward taking back our government and returning it to the people…us.

I Commit to Put Wyoming First.

Everything I say or do will put Wyoming Families First. My purpose will be to improve the lives of Wyomingites and all Americans, not to advance my political career or the interests of donors. I will speak respectfully to others, listen to them with the same intensity as I speak my mind, and look for solutions without pride of authorship. I commit to be the senator known not for compromise, but instead for his ability to get things done.

                               Dave Dodson

I launched my campaign with the mission to put #WyomingFirst.

As your senator, I will fight for the issues that Wyomingites care about.

Tell me what #WyomingFirst means to you:

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